Our Residential Design Services

Our foundational and most popular service is the Geoexchange Residential Design. This service is provided to homeowners, architects, builders and installers.

Evolved out of our pioneering role in the industry, the design process builds upon the LEAF Design Philosophy by integrating industry-leading engineering with consideration of your individual lifestyle as well as the industry ecosystem of suppliers and installers.

Our design independence means that we identify the system that best suits you as a homeowner not us as a supplier or installer. We only utilise suppliers with strong local technical support as well as experienced installers. However, if you are in an area without an experienced installer, we will work with your local trades to ensure they understand the requirements of the system and are able to provide you with a quality installation.

The Geoexchange Residential Design identifies the optimal system for your individual home. We get to know your home from a building and structural sense for the financial benefits as well as how you will live in your home to ensure the comfort benefits. It requires information on both your home and the ground conditions.

The end result of the process is a design scope report which will provide you with the following:

  • A heat load calculation for your individual home. This calculation goes beyond the standard contractors’ rules of thumb and includes factors such as insulation, glazing, shading and ventilation to ensure you receive the optimal system for your home. Many homeowners utilise this service to assist with decisions around items such as single or double glazing or insulation ratings;
  • A ground heat exchanger design that has been optimized to your ground conditions; and
  • Selection of a ground source heat pump and accessories to provide requested internal comfort conditions.

By providing these fundamental design elements, the design scope report can then be used to obtain quotations and engage installers using a common base design specification. This process is designed to provide scope for local installers to value add their own benefits through controls, delivery systems, experience, cost etc.

Beyond the foundational design, we are also able to provide:

  • Complete mechanical design, including 3D plant room drawings with full architectural integration; and
  • A project management service if you would like us to continue our involvement with your project or you are in an area where experienced installers are not available.
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