Renewable Thermal Energy Systems for Residential and Commercial Properties

We are an independent, specialist provider of design and advisory services for building electrification projects through the use of renewable thermal energy and heat pumps. Our expertise lies in our unique capability to integrate the disciplines of mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, systems thinking and even a little design philosophy.

Renewable thermal energy systems are multidisciplinary by nature. Successful implementation of a system requires the coordination of architects, engineers, drillers, earthworks, plumbers, electricians, refrigeration technicians as well as the builder, client and others.

Delivering an independent design and advisory service

Independence provides us with flexibility in design and project advice, enabling us to best tailor solutions to each individual project and project team. We complement project teams by filling in technology knowledge gaps whether they arise in early feasibility or nearer to project completion.

To optimise the effectiveness of our services, we have adopted a modified version of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) model. True to our pioneering roots, this commences with awareness and education. Our services then continue through the project life cycle to post-installation services such as performance monitoring.


Whether a retrofit or a new build, an inner-city home or a rural property, we can design a bespoke heat pump system that will fit your budget and exceed your expectations around comfort, energy costs and carbon emissions.



Commercial buildings have benefitted from our expertise in the form of energy savings, carbon emission reductions, water savings and enhanced building ratings such as Green Star, NABers and the Living Building Challenge.