An independent, Geothermal design and advisory service

Vision Statement

All buildings are powered by renewable electrical energy with their heating, cooling and hot water sourced from renewable thermal energy.

Mission Statement

To catalyse the transition towards building electrification through the development of renewable thermal energy and heat pump systems.


To continue to lead the industry by always learning and sharing our learnings
To work with clients and suppliers that are philosophically and ethically aligned
To work on significant and transformative projects


GeoExchange Australia Pty Ltd (GXA) is an Australian owned company that was founded in January 2006 by our current Managing Director, Yale Carden. GXA specialised in the design and implementation of heat pump systems that utilised renewable thermal energy. In most instances, this was the concept of geoexchange (also referred to as geothermal or ground source heat pump) heating and cooling systems.

However, it quickly became apparent that the ground was not the only source of renewable thermal energy available to efficiently heat and cool buildings. Thermal sources such as groundwater, surface water bodies, sewage, building foundations and more all became part of projects and thus the all encompassing concept of renewable thermal energy was developed and the role of the heat pump became ever more important.

As the industry pioneer, GXA commenced operations as a one stop shop. Thus its growth was as much about developing an industry as an individual business. This meant having to import equipment, install systems, provide servicing and train disciplines as diverse as postgraduate students, academics, engineers, architects, plumbers, electricians, refrigeration technicians, drillers and civil contractors. Many in the industry today were provided their training and their first projects by GXA.


As the industry has developed and evolved, so has GXA. From the pioneering necessity of a one stop shop, we have evolved into an independent design and advisory service while still maintaining our leading role in developing the industry.

Independence provides us with flexibility in design and project advice, enabling us to best tailor solutions to each individual project and project team. We complement project teams by filling in technology knowledge gaps whether they arise in early feasibility or nearer to project completion.

Our greatest frustration is seeing a project with incredible potential for a renewable thermal energy system not proceed due to perceived rather than actual technology risk. In these instances, building owners and occupiers are typically unknowingly left with high costs and high emitting HVAC systems. Something that could have been easily prevented.

To optimise the effectiveness of our services, we have adopted a modified version of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) model. True to our pioneering roots, this commences with awareness and education before our services then continue through the project life cycle to post installation services such as performance monitoring.

In addition to engineering services, we also provide advisory services to companies, both locally and internationally, that want to get involved in the renewable thermal energy sector.


The world is moving fast, as is the HVAC sector, and the construction industry. Global trends currently influencing the industry include integration with renewable electrical energy, electrification, building resilience to climate change, thermal storage, artificial intelligence and more. 

Our research partnerships and commitment to learning keep us up to date with the latest developments, maintaining our industry leading position. There are fascinating developments not so far away and we look forward to sharing them.