See geoexchange in action at Geoscience Australia:

The following is a testimonial from the Building Manager at Geoscience Australia:

“The Geoscience Australia (GA) Building is a purpose built geological research facility situated in Canberra. The facility consists of general office and open plan accommodation, laboratories, public and educational displays, and special storage facilities for its vast collection of scientific data, rock, mineral and core samples.

The building incorporates a number of Ecological Sustainable Development (ESD) design principles. One of the key ESD features is the Geothermal Heat Pump system used for the office accommodation. The system offers the following advantages:

  • reduced energy requirement
  • lower capital cost
  • reduced peak energy demand
  • reduced annual energy consumption
  • greater ‘after-hours’ flexibility
  • closed loop system requiring minimal water treatment

The geothermal system is meeting all the key performance indicators for achieving energy efficiency. The building energy use is monitored on 24/7 basis and regular energy and building conservation audits are conducted. A review of the system undertaken with Geoexchange Australia in 2008 (10 Year Performance Review) found a number of post design and maintenance issues that have been addressed resulting in improved performance. Geoexchange Australia continues to provide GA with technical advice and assistance with the maintenance of the geothermal system and any efficiency issues with design and operation.” – Stephen Reid, Building Manager (retired), Geoscience Australia