The Office of Environment and Heritage has organised several events in Tumut in mid-May 2016, promoting the benefits of renewable energy for councils and business. We have been invited to present at these events on the award winning geoexchange heating and cooling system at Tumut Council’s Riverina Highlands Building.

The first event is a free ‘Ground Source Heat Exchange and Industry Scale Solar Pumping Field Day’ in Tumut on Wednesday 18 May. This event is designed for councils, business and industry who are interested in reducing their energy costs. It will also be useful for installers of heating and cooling technologies.

On the field day, participants will find out how Tumut Council reduced their heating and cooling costs by more than 60% with a geoexchange system (you can read more about this project here). They will also visit Tumut’s waste water treatment plant and see how solar reduced the Council’s pumping costs, as well as find out about battery storage options and energy management systems for operations.  

WHEN: Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WHERE: Tumut Shire Council – 76 Capper Street, Tumut, NSW 2720

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The second event is a free ‘Renewables in Agriculture’ seminar designed for farmers, advising on how to maximise renewable energies on their farm.

Our Managing Director, Yale Carden, is on the panel of speakers at this event. His presentation will focus on the Tumut Council project and how it can be applied in agriculture.

Issues covered on the day include:

  • Understanding your electricity bill
  • Ground source heat exchange – reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 60%
  • Pump efficiency and variable speed drives for stock water and irrigation
  • Maximising solar for stock, domestic, irrigation, intensive horticulture & industrial needs
  • Local energy efficiency & success

WHEN: Thursday 19 May , 2016

WHERE: Gundagai Room, Tumut Shire Council – 76 Capper Street, Tumut, NSW 2720

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