GeoExchange Australia will be presenting at the Sustainable Engineering Society (SENG) Conference on 9th September at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The conference aims to explore the crucial role that engineers will play in facing the challenges of how society can become sustainable.

The main theme of ‘Dynamic Ecolibrium’ highlights the importance of maintaining healthy, balanced dynamic activity in both the economy and ecosystem. Themes for the conference include Energy, Resources, Waste and Consumption, Infrastructure and Leadership.

GeoExchange Australia’s Managing Director Yale Carden will be presenting at the conference. His talk is titled:

‘Thermal sources within the built environment: Optimising building performance using available thermal sources, thermal storage and optimised control strategies.’

In his presentation, he will explore the available thermal potential within the built environment and how the utilisation of this thermal potential can provide efficient heating, cooling and hot water as well as thermal storage. Specific discussion will be on thermal potential within the ground, water bodies and infrastructure such as subways, water, sewer and building foundations as well as artificial thermal storage such as phase change materials.

Full details and for registration to the event can be found here:

We hope to see you there.