Join us at the AIRAH Resilience Forum 2018 on July 26 in Sydney where the focus is on future-proofing the built environment.

The Resilience Forum aims to showcase how AIRAH members and industry can create a safer and more secure future through practical design and construction measures that result in more resilient built environments and HVAC&R equipment.

Our founder and Managing Director Yale Carden, M.AIRAH, will present at the event introducing thermal potential as the foundation of HVAC resilience.

When confronted with the future reality of climate change, resilience becomes a natural evolution of sustainability. Resilience within an HVAC system enables the maintaining of indoor comfort levels, despite the impacts of long-term climate trends or weather events that are becoming more extreme and frequent.

At the event, Yale will explore the concept of local renewable thermal energy – or thermal potential – and its capacity to increase the resilience of HVAC systems. He will discuss the available thermal potential at any given location while also providing a series of case studies highlighting how its adoption enhances system resilience.

Event details:

  • Date: 26 July 2018
  • Venue: Aerial UTS Function Centre, Ultimo, NSW

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