Geoexchange heating and cooling systems have been identified as one of the top ten energy productivity technologies available in Australia. The ability of geoexchange systems to utilise local thermal sources such as the ground and water bodies, reduces overall energy costs and enhances the potential of on-site renewable power to meet full demand.

Geoexchange systems have been proven to have significant benefit to a wide variety of applications across the residential, commercial and industrial / horticultural sectors. A perfect example of this is the wine industry. To illustrate this, our Managing Director Yale Carden will be presenting at the Regional Development Australia (RDA) Barossa Regional Energy Forum, focusing on the application of geoexchange technology in the context of the Barossa Valley in terms of local geography, local climate and local industry.

The Regional Development Australia (RDA) Barossa Regional Energy Forum is being held on 25 November 2015 at the Gawler Golf Club, Sandy Creek, SA.

The forum is designed to help understand the energy issues facing the Barossa region and to contribute to the identification of possible solutions for local business. It aims to provide an overview of the energy gaps which are important for business growth in the region and gather energy information to ensure ongoing regional prosperity.

The half day workshop intends to help businesses in the region:

  • Gain insight into contemporary energy issues in the region that may be impacting their economic growth.
  • Understand recent energy technologies and approaches for more efficient energy use and management.
  • Understand energy efficiency grant funding opportunities.

Presentations from energy experts will include topics such as:

  • Waste to energy opportunities in small businesses.
  • New energy technologies for business.
  • Reducing costs in business by becoming more energy efficient.

We look forward to presenting at the event and showing how geoexchange technology can utilise local sources to reduce costs and meet full demand.

For more information and to register for the event, click here.