The Cool Earth project that we are partnering with LandCorp in WA  has reached its next milestone, with people now being invited to take part in the world-first trial.

The project involves testing a conventional reverse-cycle air-conditioning system against a geoexchange system. Its aim is to show how geoexchange can help revolutionise how homeowners heat and cool their homes, saving money on energy bills as well as help the environment.

In another innovative first, we have designed the open loop system so that the groundwater after being used in the heat exchange process can provide sub-surface irrigation to the garden and lawn. Excess water then trickles back down into the aquifer rather than being evaporated in a hot Perth summer.

We see this multiple use of the aquifer for both energy and water savings as being true to basic sustainability principles in accordance with our LEAF Design Philosophy.

This video, as recently featured on Today Tonight, explains it all:

The video also identifies a great alignment between geoexchange systems and our capacity to generate and store our own renewable power. We have touched on this in a recent blog post on off-grid homes and the concluding wording towards the end of the video succinctly describes the homes and buildings of the future:

“From the sun to below ground, experts believe new technology is the long term solution to reducing hefty Perth power bills.”

The Open Day for the Cool Earth houses in Perth is 9 April 2016. Click here to register your interest.

Download leaflet: